Thomas Bushnell, BSG (thomb) wrote,
Thomas Bushnell, BSG

security/privacy conundrum

Let's suppose I have a significant number of correspondents. Some of them wish to share a bit of information with me, and some do not. I want a secure way for those who wish to share with me to do so, in such a way that I know who has shared with me, but I cannot match up the data shared with the particular sharer.

Clearly this can be done with the assistance of a trust third-party escrow. Is there a way without that?

Is there a way to run a voting protocol such that I can know all the votes, and a voter can prove to me they voted, but it is impossible for me to match the votes with the voters?

Or: is there a way for someone to give me a datum in exchange for a receipt, such that the receipt cannot be forged but also cannot be matched up with the particular datum I was given?

Or is there a way for someone to give me a datum anonymously, and then later be able to prove to me that they did so, without me being able to match them up with the particular datum they provided?
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