Thomas Bushnell, BSG (thomb) wrote,
Thomas Bushnell, BSG

libertarian paradise

In the libertarian paradise of the future, you know, the one with capitalism run amok, what will become of the homeless?

Colin Ward writes, "One of the characteristics of the affluent world is that it denies its poor the opportunity to feed, clothe, or house themselves, or to meet their own and their families' needs, except from grudgingly doled-out welfare payments." [emphasis in original]

Once, back Locke was sure that rampant capitalism could still leave "as much and as good" of the land and natural goods for all, it seemed natural to suppose that the poor could still have a bit of land and a small farm. I think it was, even in Locke's day, more fantasy than reality.

What would society look like if we did the minimum: guaranteed to the homeless the resources necessary to feed, clothe, and house themselves, by their own labor?
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