September 27th, 2009


the race is on

New York beat Boston twice, and has clinched the AL East, and is guaranteed home-run advantage and choice of ALDS schedule. (They don't need to actually make their selection until the matchups are all determined, but they will surely choose schedule A.)

With Chicago's loss Saturday to Kansas City (really? KC?!) they are out of the AL Central and the postseason.

Likewise, with St. Louis' win over Colorado on Saturday, they clinch the NL Central.

The Dodgers have clinched a post-season spot; only the Colorado Rockies could pass them for wildcard, but even then, they would simply trade places.

In the American League, things look like this:
New York has the AL East.
Detriot leads the AL Central, but Minnesota is close behind. Neither has a chance at the wildcard.
Los Angeles leads the AL West.
Texas is a distant second both for the AL West and for the wildcard.

In the National League:
Philadelphia leads the NL East, with Atlanta a distant second.
St .Louis has the NL Central.
Los Angeles has clinched a post-season spot, and leads the NL West, with Colorado a distant second.
The NL wildcard race is fairly tight between Colorado and Atlanta, with Florida, San Francisco, and Chicago barely hanging on.

The races to watch then are the Detroit/Minnesota contest for the AL Central, and the Colorado/Atlanta contest for the NL wildcard.

Making the former race particularly interesting is that Detroit and Minnesota begin a four-game series Monday.